Bloom Where You are Planted

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            I don’t have to tell you; these are unprecedented times. With travel restrictions, masks, theaters closed, work and some schools at home, etc., etc., etc….If you watch the news, you’ll go crazy. That is, if you aren’t crazy yet. Psychologists and physiatrists are overbooked. Psych. drugs are in short supply. Liquor sales are at near all-time highs. In some states, let’s just say, marijuana companies are doing well.

            So, what’s an old married couple to do. So far this year, Crystal and I have cancelled two highly anticipated vacations and a multi-night outing. Still I consider us extremely fortunate. For one thing, and this can never be taken for granted, we like being together. Also, over the years we have become very adaptable. While I don’t want to waste time with examples, let’s just say, we’ve been through the whole richer/poorer, sickness/health things multiple times. I love the old saying; ‘the only constant in life is change.’ The good news is that, just when you think everything is getting worse, things can also change for the better. And they will.

            Getting through the tough times just makes you stronger for the future, and helps you appreciated the good times even more. In addition, you may have new opportunities. People are working on their houses like never before. At one point, I thought the constant rumbling of the lawn mowers would never stop. Crystal has brought her “porch garden” (new name – I made her change from Pot Garden) to new heights. I’ve been working on decluttering, hiking and improving my miserable golf game.

            Whether it is a blessing or not, families are spending more time together. Lisa lived with us for a while, and we have made multiple trips to Kane-tuck-kay (I think that is how they spell it down there) to be with family. We have also spent time with Liz and Brad and our grandchildren.  

            Family and day to day aside, Crystal and I have gone on a number of mini-adventures. Since we don’t feel comfortable staying overnight right now, we have taken a number of day trips. It’s amazing how many interesting places you can find and see when you take time. Last week we went to German Village in Columbus, Oh. Crystal went to her favorite 32 room book store, The Book Loft, mainly to buy great books as presents for our grandchildren, while I walked in nearby Schiller Park. Then we ate wonderful filet mignon, steak rolls, salad and delicious macaroni and cheese at one of our favorite restaurants, Redlands.

            This is a restaurant that was a favorite of my Dad’s.  The manager and one of the waitresses recognized us.  The waitress didn’t know we had lost my Dad last year in May and got teary when we told her.  She related how Dad was such a big eater in his 90’s and so alert.  She remembered that we always ordered coffee and usually dessert and took our time and enjoyed dining there.  We haven’t been visiting Columbus very often not only because of the virus, but also because we are still grieving the lost of my Dad.  We are thankful that he was well enough to go to so many places in the Columbus area like the parks, the library, over by the Scioto River and many restaurants.  He enjoyed Columbus and compared it to Chicago, his favorite city, where he lived most of his life.

            I believe, with a little imagination, you can always find worthwhile activities.  No matter what is going on, it’s always better to plan and do something fun.  Crystal has a list of quilt shops, book stores, gardens, and eating places where she wants to go in Ohio. We both look forward to these outings. Just knowing your immediate life will be more than staring at four walls will lift your spirits. Having someone you like being with, also helps.

Schiller Park in German Village
Another image from Schiller Park

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