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Ronald S. Meinstein
Education: BS-Chemistry, MBA, AS–Nursing
Background: I have done a lot of different jobs in my life, most involving writing. Most of my writing has been of a more technical nature (reports, procedures, business letters, etc.). However, as I told my wife, Crystal, when I met her, some thirty-six years ago, I am a optimist and a romantic. This outlook, along with my natural sense of humor, comes out when I write for recreation.

Crystal A. Meinstein
Education: BA-English (Graduated with Honors)
Background: I have been writing since the 2nd grade. I have been published in literary magazines and a national quilting magazine. I am mainly a fiction writer of short stories, poetry and novels (so far unfinished). I also write essays. I am very artistic and do many arts and crafts including quilting, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, sewing, and paper arts such as collage and altered books. I have also been an editor and a member of many writing groups and have taught creative writing and craft classes. I am a veracious reader and love to read memoirs and biographies as well as fiction.

    During our adult lives Crystal and I have moved from Illinois to Michigan to Indiana to Ohio (where we currently reside). We tell people we are touring the mid-west, one state at a time. We have successfully raised three daughters. We are a close family. We are Christians and are active in Church activities.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your website with me Ron, This is awesome and im enjoying reading it.Hope you get a facebook account, Id be honored to have you as a friend on there also.It was good seeing you and talking to you today,

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