The Cat Report by Ella Meinstein

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Hi!  My name is Ella.  I am six months old.  I am a tabby mix with mitten paws. I am the new cat at the Meinstein house.  I am very happy to be living here.  I receive food, water and lots of affection and attention.

My life wasn’t always so good. I was living outside, hiding wherever I could. It was scary. There were all sorts of animals including some big dogs. The weather went from hot to rainy and cold. I caught a bad cold and still cough periodically. Food was hard to come by. I finally found a relatively safe place to hide under the Meinstein’s raspberry bushes.

Now I don’t care for raspberries, but fortunately the Meinsteins do. One day, late this summer, they were out picking along with their neighbor Susan. I was hiding and listening. They worked their way methodically around to my hiding place. They were smiling and laughing as they picked. Finally, I got up my nerve. Anything had to be better than my raspberry home. I stuck my nose out. They seemed friendly. I walked boldly right up to Mrs. Meinstein and rubbed her legs. She started petting me immediately. Then I went to Mr. Meinstein and he petted me. Then he left and brought back some food and water. I was very hungry.

Soon they were done picking and went back into their house. I went back under the raspberries. The next day however Mr. Meinstein was back. I came out immediately. He picked me up and asked if I would like to come into their house and be their kitty. I purred yes, yes, please. And that’s how I found my new mom and dad.

I’ve been here a few months now and couldn’t be happier. I eat when I want, sleep when I want, get all of the loving and snuggling any cat could want. And I play a lot. The house is full of toys. However, mom and dad get upset sometimes. I am still trying to get a handle on what toys I can play with and what toys I can’t. I am pretty sure mom’s glasses are off limits.

Mom talks a lot and apparently speaks some cat. She offered to help me write my very own blog. She is so nice. I will try to write at least monthly. I hope you enjoy it.

As far as what is new, this strange funny smelling tree showed up yesterday. Mom put on colorful lights and covered it with an assortment of exciting toys. So far I haven’t found the ones I am allowed to play with. Well that’s about it. Hope you have a purrfect day!

Hi I’m Ella as in Cinderella.

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