As Time Goes By

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            From the title of this blog, you might discern that, I am referring to the British Rom Com series (one of Crystal’s favorites). I am not. Instead, this blog refers to changing perspectives about life as you age.

            One of my daughters recently celebrated one of her decade birthdays. I refuse to mention her name or which decade. I have been chastised in the past for such reveals. For the purposes of this blog, we will just refer to her as E.

            I could tell E wasn’t totally pleased with this milestone. Now, from my perspective, E has a wonderful life. Of course, like George Bailey, sometimes that’s difficult to realize. She is establishing a new career where she will help new mothers and hurting people. She has a loving husband, and five “usually” wonderful children. And of course, two of the most loving and supportive parents anyone could ask for. Also, she has things so many of us take for granted: generally good health, running water, temperature-controlled housing, good medical care, etc., etc. etc.

            Still, I could feel the stress. In the back of her mind there was the thought; what now, hot flashes then death? I could have tried to reassure her, but knew that wasn’t necessary. E will get over it in short order. She is a mostly positive person, with goals and a strong faith.

            Personally, whenever one of my daughters reach a milestone, my brain returns to an earlier time. I remember carrying baby E out of the hospital and fighting with the car seat. I remember a stubborn four-year-old at a Mexican restaurant, who refused to believe that the pickled peppers weren’t the same as her favorite pickles. Oh, the face she made. Sadly, this was before social media. I could see it going viral, followed by a visit from Family Services. Then there was her teenage rebellion. I won’t go into detail. But it ended some time in her twenties. Basically, to E, daddy went from someone who knew everything, to someone who knew nothing. Fortunately, these days, I apparently know some stuff (a realistic assessment). The rest I make up as I go along. (kidding)

            When we are young, we are constantly changing. It can be confusing. My youngest daughter bumped into her old softball coach, and later commented that he had shrunk. I told her, no, you have grown. Somehow, it’s easier to believe the world is changing than, that the change is in us. I have heard it said that the only constant in life is change. I’m still not sure that makes sense. But I believe it’s how you deal with change, that determines the quality of your life.

            Next year will begin my eighth decade (70 years old) on the big blue ball. For me the number means next to nothing. The important thing is, there will be cake! The day after will be great as well, if: left over cake, good health, people who love and care about me, etc.

            My recommendation for you; As time goes by, thank God for each day, live the best way you can, and keep regrets and worries far behind thankfulness and grace. Decide each day to be a positive force in the world. Your life will be better, and the world will be a better place. 

This may or may not be a picture of E and Crystal at a B-day celebration. I think she looks good for such an advanced age (wink, wink).

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