Women!!! Tell me about it. (One man’s perspective)

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I know I’ve written about this subject before, but there is sooo much more to say. Women are such a complex species. Many, many years ago, I asked God to teach me about women. He answered that prayer by blessing me with a (usually) loving wife and three (mostly) wonderful daughters. From all of that experience I have drawn a number of conclusions. First and foremost, be careful what you pray for. The song “Long and Winding Road” comes to mind. Second, actually understanding women is beyond my pay grade. But I’m OK with that. Appreciating them is what is more important.

So, what put me back on this soapbox? I am currently watching a TV show which, Elizabeth (my oldest daughter) told me to watch. I asked her whether the main characters would reconcile at the end. She refused to tell me. She only would reveal that the series ending made her cry.

As I thought about this, I realized that she actually told me absolutely nothing. I cry when I hit my thumb with a hammer. Women cry for any number of reasons. They are happy or sad or just contemplating something. Crystal can wake up from a dream crying, and blame me for not doing more in her dream. How do I respond? I’ll try to do more in your future dreams.

Women have so many more words than men. Unfortunately, as Crystal can testify, my ability to actively listen is far exceeded by her ability to talk. We are constantly having the ‘I told you…No you didn’t’ conversation. She probably did, but she had already lost me. This frequently occurs when we are watching TV, and she tries to talk over the show I am trying to watch.

 When they believe I am wrong about something, my girls will use all of those words debating. However, I also know they care deeply about me. If anyone else says anything negative, they quickly and vehemently jump to my defense.

They also, apparently want me to live forever. If I have health issues, they all do the research, and tell me what I should and shouldn’t be doing. Crystal, in particular, becomes like one of those relentless flies buzzing around my head. While it can be annoying, I know that’s woman speak for ‘I love you dummy. Don’t you dare leave me.’

            Then there are the emotions. Women feel very deeply; and that’s OK. They can also be unpredictable (Ex. Liz crying). I can almost get used to those. But the ephemeral (quick) changes! There was a time or twenty, I would hear the joyous sound of laughter coming from another room. I would start smiling just hearing it. Curious and drawn, I would head in that direction. By the time I got there, everyone looked like they were going to cry. I would quietly sneak away.

            However, as much as I know it sounds like I am complaining or confused, I’m not. Yes, I wish I could keep up with the occasionally rapid mood changes and preponderance of speech. When I do keep up, women have a great deal of worthwhile information and opinions, which I often find thought provoking and interesting. As for emotion, another word is passion. At times it can be bad or even very bad, but when it is good, it can be great. I believe that, life without passion is a pretty poor life.

            In conclusion, I am reminded of that old saying. To paraphrase; Women…you can’t live with them, but God, please don’t make me live without them. I guess I’ll just have to watch the end of that TV series, to find out which tears Liz was crying.

These are the women in my life. Crystal is wearing the quilt, and Liz has the sceaming little girl (of course).

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