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Last week Crystal and I got away for a couple of days. It was my anniversary gift that we rented a cabin near Old Man’s Cave (Ohio State Park near Logan). So for a couple of days there was no computer, no cell phone (or reception), and only DVDs on TV. I know what you are thinking, how can a couple survive without all of the modern conveniences? Well we did just fine; thank you very much. The hot tub on the porch was very nice. We grilled some steaks and hot dogs, hiked in the woods, saw rustic streams and waterfalls, cooked some marshmallows by the campfire, and in general, just relaxed. I would recommend this kind of getaway for any married couple at least annually. If you haven’t lately, start planning. Every couple needs to plan and do things together on a regular basis.

Getting away is great, but another necessity for a good marriage is regular dating. It’s a time for reconnection and distressing. There have been times when our schedules only allowed going out for breakfast and a walk or drive. It’s still worth the time. Just like your car, your marriage needs maintenance. Of course, movies are an important dating activity. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good movies to see. Still, Crystal and I try to see one or two a month. If nothing else, we can agree that movies today suck, and why did we see that one. We saw Jupiter Ascending and agreed it was, quite possibly, the worst science fiction movie ever made. When you keep looking at your watch, even though it’s too dark and you are not wearing one, you know it’s bad. However, if you love action fantasy with a convoluted plot, and don’t care about plot, acting, humor (or lack thereof), or any semblance of reality, I highly recommend it.

On the other end of the movie spectrum, a couple of days prior to our trip, we saw a new movie, The Woman in Gold. It is based on a true story about the struggle of a woman and her friend’s son (a lawyer) to recover a famous painting stolen from her family by the NAZIs during WW2. The movie goes far beyond the modern day (around 1998) legal struggle between the protagonists and the Austrian government. This movie is a personalized history lesson about WW2, Austria, and one family’s fight to escape the extreme persecution and prejudice targeted against the Austrian Jewish population at the time. It is the story of how the niece of the portrait’s subject and her fiancé risked everything, tearfully leaving family to almost certain death in their escape to America. I have probably said too much already. See the movie!

Of one thing Crystal and I were most certain. This movie, based on a memoir, is certain proof that there is still a great market for our memoir. This entire project has been an amazing experience. Both Crystal and I feel totally enlightened by all we have learned during the research and interviewing process. We have been amazed at the lives and times of our parents. We are now more determined than ever that this book and project are worthwhile and the stories have universal and timeless appeal. We both feel led by God to continue our efforts. I have started to work on an outline for a screen play. Who knows, maybe the movie will come out first.

Crystal’s Corner:

Our recent getaway was in a cabin in the woods in Hocking hills.  We had stayed in the very same cabin back in 2003. The owner, who lives in a house not far from the cabin, remembered us.  Thinking back about 2003 is kind of scary.  It wasn’t a good time for us.  Ron lost his job in Coshocton after only 3 and ½ years of working there. We thought this was the job he would have until we retired.  We were having major problems with Elizabeth that was turning our whole world upside-down and it was taking its toll on our younger children and our marriage.  I remember feeling much calmer at this cabin in the woods.  It is very isolated, quiet and comfortable.  In 2003, we didn’t have cell phones or very many DVDs either.

Going to see the waterfalls in this area is a very nice experience.  You do have to do a lot of walking and some of it is uphill.  I am not that good at walking uphill.  I am mainly a flat or downhill walker.  But there weren’t any elevators to get back up.  We took many photos, but also just sat down on a bench or some flat stones and relaxed.  There is something about the forest that calms me down and makes me more hopeful.  Ron and I both feel this way.  Ron takes different photos than I do.  Before I had my current camera, I would have to debate with him to take the shots that I wanted.  He likes scenery, cows, old buildings that are falling down, geese, heron, and other birds.  I take photos of flowers, trees, groups of branches that look like a design, rocks, and the sky.  I see more opportunities that I could later use in designing quilts, clothing, and other projects.  I also take photos of him in various situations.

Talking about the movies that we go see, I liked Woman in Gold very much.  The painting is by Klimt; and I like his work.  The movie is based on two memoirs and is done very well.  The other movie, Jupiter Rising, has great music and that was the only good thing about it. After seeing it, I wanted to go home and watch Star Trek Next Generation reruns and Star Wars and remember that there are some really good sci-fi movies and TV shows.  When we go to the movies, there is always time to talk before they show the movies and we discuss the new movies that are coming out.  Some I will want to see and some he will want to see.  There aren’t many that we both want to see.  I enjoy the time that Ron and I spend together no matter what we do. After 37 years, you would think we would get bored with each other, but we don’t. He is still the best boyfriend I ever had and the funniest one too.

2015 Hocking Hills 0242015 Hocking Hills 036


Crystal on a walk, and a waterfall near Old Man’s Cave.


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