Wild by Cheryl Strayed excellent memoir must read

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When we started this memoir publication project Crystal and I divided the work.  It was her job to read memoirs and get ideas to improve our book. When she found one about a father who was the coach for his son’s little league team she thought I would be interested. Well as much as I hate to admit it, “The Way Home” by Henry Dunow was a great read. Inspired, I wrote a review, and Crystal put it a web site called goodreads.com. The author is also an agent who may be interested in our book.

Not to be left out Crystal wrote a review for the subject book, Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild”. It is the story of a women’s adventures during a hiking trip on the Pacific Coast trail. She goes back and forth from her journey on this trail to her life in the past. Really a page turner. She is excellent at description and getting you to stay in the story.  Her honesty really affects the reader.

From time to time we may have more reviews on this website, and if I can ever figure out how, we will put on a link to goodreads.com. Our detailed reviews will be there for your enjoyment.



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