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Have you ever had a really good dream, and when you wake up realize it was no dream? That’s kind of how Crystal and I feel. Seeing our book on Amazon, and available for pre-sales blows my mind! Do kids still say that?

            I know for a fact our parents were proud of our efforts, and would be even more so, if they could see the final product. Their stories, the ones they told us as we grew, are now and forever, recorded.

            Many of our best and worst days, as individuals, and families, can now be used to educate, amuse, and generally enrich the lives of others. I have always told our daughters, what you don’t learn here from your parents and family, the world will teach. Often it won’t love you nearly as much.

            Our hope is this book will not only preserve memories, but provide some incites into what families and marriages were intended to be. The final section of our book is somewhat dedicated to lessons we have learned about marriage and family, as God intended them to be.

            If you take a minute to check out our book on Amazon, you will also find links to Crystal and my, recently added, author’s pages.

            We would also like to get to know our readers. Please take a few minutes to connect with us on E-mail. If you look to the right on our blog main page, you will find a spot to put your name and E-mail address. Posts will be sent directly to your E-mail, and you may, from time to time, get some additional information/articles/etc. It is perfectly safe and free. We look forward to getting to know you a little better.

            If you are in need of reading material to help get you through this tough year, we have a reminder. If you check our blog page archives you will find over 160 of our previous posts, many with photographs.  There are many poignant and fun stories to enjoy as time and desire permit.

            Additionally, we will be increasing the number of new posts leading up to our publication date, adding a few excepts from the book, and bringing our blog front page up to date.

Thank you very much for your continued patronage and best wishes.

Ron and Crystal

This is the back cover of the book. Impressive, isn’t it? I love the subtitle “War Ends, Love Endures”

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