Till Death

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            Yesterday I went to a funeral for a good friend of mine. When we moved to Coshocton, I went ahead of my family and started working while Crystal got ready for our move from Indiana. One of my jobs was to find a suitable church, or at least several options.   In all, I probably visited about ten local churches. Burt Avenue Wesleyan was our eventual choice. It was a small church with little over a hundred members at the time. What really stood out to Crystal and me was the friendly family atmosphere.

            Carl Easter was one of the first members I met and immediately liked. He was one of those people, who when you met him, you felt like you had known him your whole life. He was open, friendly, and quick to joke or add to a conversation. He married his wife and soul mate Janet over forty-eight years ago. When Carl had his first heart attack over twenty years ago his biggest wish was to see their two daughters graduate form high school. God honored that request.

            Carl will be missed greatly, but his legacy will not be forgotten. He and Janet had a good marriage and served as a great example of what marriage is all about. Unfortunately, as with all truly great marriages, they must at some point end in death.

            The great thing about our faith is that while Carl will be missed here, we know he is in a better place. I am not anxious to get there, but I know we will have a great reunion some day. He probably has a new joke for me already.

Crystal’s Corner

            The most difficult part of moving from state to state, as we have, is leaving people you cherish.  One of the people we cherished living here in Coshocton, Ohio, is Carl Easter.  From the beginning of our coming to this church we befriended Carl.  He was in charge of The Best Years Fellowship which was a group of over 50’s church members.  He organized this group so that every month there was an activity, usually a meal too, that was enjoyed by all of the members.  He and Janet took care of this group and many dinners and activities at the church.  I don’t go to church often now because of my health problems, but I always looked forward to seeing Carl’s smiling face and shaking his hand.  It will be difficult when he is not there.  But knowing him and knowing his lovely wife, Janet, has been a positive influence on our lives and on our marriage.  I am going to look for him when I am not longer here on the earth.  Maybe there will be a dinner.

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