Thank God for Mothers

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Yesterday my pastor lost his mother. It was no surprise. She had been on HOSPIS for a couple of weeks. I know that for a long time now the pastor and his father have been doing their best to take care of this wonderful woman. I have a good idea of what they are going through. Under very similar circumstances I lost my mom last year. At the end there was unbelievable pain, and yet somehow, relief. There is a hole in your life that nothing can ever fill. Yet you have a sense of peace, knowing the one you love is no longer suffering, and in a better place. I don’t know what I will say to him when I see him at the memorial service. It will probably be something lame like ‘so sorry for your loss’. Don’t get the wrong idea, we are close. I consider him a close friend. We play and follow sports together, support each other, and encourage each other in ministry. I just don’t think, at this time, there is anything I could say that would help.

       Dad and I were walking the other day. He has a really nice wooded metro park near his apartment. We probably walked a little more than a mile and a half. It was beautiful. There was every sign of spring. The trees were budding, birds were chirping and squirrels were playing like they didn’t have a cared in the world. With all of these signs of new life dad was quick to point out a bright new yellow dandelion. He reminded me of how special this little weed was to my mom. Actually the plant itself meant nothing; it was the fact that for years as a child I would pick one for her every spring. You would have thought it was made of real gold. She never forgot, well into her eighties, when she saw a dandelion she would tell anyone who would listen about my seemingly insignificant gesture and how much it meant to her. Yes there is a point where words don’t make a difference. Pain and suffering are short lived, but love lasts.

        As a Christian I believe, as the Bible says, ‘no greater love has a man than to give his life for another.’ What really are mothers called to do? Day in and day out, Mom if you’re watching, I’ll pick a dandelion for you.

A message for moms….The Lord has chosen you to a difficult and rewarding ministry. May ‘your yoke be easy and your burden be light.’


Mom hated the cold. But for me she would have stood there all day.

Happy Mothers Day.

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