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            It has finally happened! We have a publisher for our book “150 Years of Marriage”. Torch Flame, a hybrid publisher of Light Messages Publishing, has agreed to publish our story. They called it a meaningful work, definitely worthy of publication. We just received a preliminary proof copy…and it looks very nice. We are in the process of a final edit, and will soon submit it for the publisher’s final proof. We currently expect publication sometime this fall or January at the latest.

            I have to give Crystal credit. She has done an amazing job researching the publishing industry. I had no idea how complicated it is and how much it has changed. Light Messages is a Christian publisher, who believes in our book as much as we do. While I never expected “150Years of Marriage” to be a national best seller, or ever make a dime, I always believed we were led by God to write it. It definitely can be a blessing to a lot of people. It is also a great tribute to our parents, and an excellent historical record of our times.

            When completed the book will be distributed in both hard copy and digital form on all of the major distribution networks. So…Yeah!!!

            The next question is, where do we go from here? Of course, we will do whatever book promotion we can. But both Crystal and I agree that, this is not an ending, but a new beginning. My second project, a cook book, written mainly for primary family cooks, is complete in its rough form. We are not certain about its future. However, we believe it can be helpful not only to preserve some of our better family recipes, but as a guide for young married couples striking out on their own.

            We have also given some thought about where all of this will lead. We clearly have some distinct and needed platforms in marriage and family issues, memoir writing, and cooking, to name a few. Once things return a little closer to normal (post Covid), we plan to pursue speaking opportunities to support those issues. Combined[RM1] [RM2] [RM3]  with our ongoing travel plans, this should allow us to, not only educate on selected topics, but share our Christian view of what all of our lives and families should be. I think, God willing, that’s not a bad way to spend our retirement years.

            In addition, Crystal is working a novel, along with a number of other projects, as time and her health permit. We will, of course, continue to add to our web site We hope that you faithful readers will continue to enjoy its content. Thank you for your continued patronage.

Stay safe and enjoy this season.

Crystal’s Corner

            I am very glad and excited that our book 150 Years of Marriage is going to be published and distributed this soon.  I am currently taking an online course called P2P through DIY MFA to help us to build up our platform, and promote our book, and the books to come.  My essay about the Coshocton area in the 1700’s called “Coshocton a Confluence of Rivers, a Confluence of Cultures” will be published this year in the Coshocton Review Magazine, also coming out in the fall.  I won an Honorable Mention in the Mary Harris Essay contest. 

            I am looking for places to publish my short stories, poetry, children’s books, etc. online and in print.  Even though we are all dealing with this awful virus, which is hurting so many people here in the U.S. and all over the world, I am thankful we have some blessings this year.  We hope you are all keeping safe and doing well.  We keep praying for the breakthrough to come soon.  God gave us the patience and the perseverance to keep looking for a publisher for our book; and He can help us survive this difficult time.

April 1st (yes April Fools) 1978. The day which united our families.




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