Ripples on Life’s Pond

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Lately I’ve been too busy to worry about this blog, our book, or much of anything for that matter. A couple of weeks ago my dad broke his hip getting out of his apartment’s pool. Since then things have slowed down a lot. Rehab is a painfully slow and tedious process. Dad is used to bouncing back from any physical problem quickly. He has realized that, at ninety-three, this is no longer going to happen.

I try to see him at least two out of every three days. Our girls see him as often as they can. Over the same time Crystal has been struggling with an infection. The phrase ‘can’t catch a break’ come to mind. However, I realize that, life’s not all about me. In life, there are times to take and times to give back. The way I see it, giving back should not be a burden but an opportunity.  Dad is a proud man, but at this point he is understandably frustrated. He is, however, grateful for all of the people, Drs., nurses, therapists, not to mention me and our family, that are dedicated to helping him.

Yes, dad is a proud man. He has a lot of reason to be so. He has lived a great life. Our book One Hundred Fifty Years of Marriage details some of it. From his youth in Germany where he saw Hitler in a parade, to his trip to America at thirteen, to his return at twenty-two to fight against his original homeland, in dad’s early life he overcame much. He met mom after the war, fell in love, and married her. Their marriage lasted for 64 years. That is a rare accomplishment at any time in history. I was around for most of it. Through all of that time, I saw a man who struggled and worked hard, as a provider, father, husband, and role model.

I owe him everything, including my life. I know there is no way to pay back your parents for all they do. I only hope that, I can be the son he hoped for, and pass on some of my gifts to our girls. I have every confidence that dad will, at least to some extent, recover from this latest challenge. Things will continue to slow down. We will be there for him. He will be here until God is ready for him. At that time, he and mom will have left ripples in life’s pond, which will continue to affect our family, and potentially many more, for many years to come.

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