New Year’s Resolution

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Well winter has hit. The last time I looked it was 1 degree outside. We no longer have hot water from the kitchen faucet. It frequently stops running when we get temperatures below zero. Crystal asked if I know how to fix it. I told her that I do, but it would require me (or someone) to go into the crawl space under the kitchen. I added that it wouldn’t be me. At sixty, I’ve outgrown any desire to crawl around in dank, dark, dirty, cold, cramped spaces to perform contortionist tricks. It won’t be any skilled laborer at their usury wage scale. I thought about my son in law Brad, but he has enough to deal with. No, we will just live with it until the weather warms up. Usually the problem clears up when the temperature hits thirty. That should be in a couple of days. Until then we play “little house on the prairie”, and heat dish water on the stove or in the microwave just like early settlers.

It’s just one of the many things we deal with in our hundred and ten year old house. It is also just another opportunity in this New Year to be thankful. Our marriage, just like our house, has some age to it. We have been married over a third as long as the house has been here. Over that time, we have been through a lot; different houses, different states, different careers, raising kids, the whole nine yards. Like the house, our marriage has survived a few storms, required a little maintenance, but in general been a great shelter from the hardships of life.

Nobody knows the future. I no longer make resolutions. Like most people I can’t keep them. If I could I certainly wouldn’t be thirty pounds overweight. Instead of resolving to improve, this year I will try to take time more often to just be thankful for all Crystal and I have together….Oh and by the way; I resolve that, the good Lord willing, this is the year our book will be published.



I love winter photography

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