Meeting “The One”

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One of the hardest things to do is being patient enough to find the right person to commit your life to. Today, it’s story time. I will apologize in advance to my daughter Elizabeth for revealing this.

Elizabeth, like many first born children, is determined (I called it stubborn when she lived with us), independent, and self actualized. As she grew up, though, she went through many problems, had a rebellious nature, and firm belief that her parents just didn’t get it. Honestly, there were times I thought she might be right. Once she lived through all of that, and some less than desirable relationships, she was ready to change. A little pride may be good. Too much and, well, God might take you down a notch or two for your own good. She was done settling and ready to listen.

Some time later, Liz was living on her own, after just finishing nursing school. One of the last things on her mind was looking for a man. One day she went to Wal-Mart for some plumbing supplies. While pushing her cart down the aisle a young man walked up to her and said, that his brother thought she seemed really nice, but was too shy to introduce himself. She went over to talk to him. A little while later Brad and Liz agreed on a first date.

Today Brad and Liz have been married for five years and are raising four wonderful children (our grand children). Liz has a successful career as a nurse in adolescent psyc. Also, if you ask her, Crystal and I have gotten a lot smarter since she was a teenager.

The point is you really can find whatever you need at Wal-Mart. I’m just kidding. The point is, finding the right person can happen any time, any place. So don’t worry about it, but don’t ever just settle. Continue to work on becoming a more complete person and pursuing your dreams. Carpe Diem.

Crystal’s Corner:
What is even more interesting about Elizabeth and her finding the right person is that I predicted it. Michelle and Elizabeth were both complaining to me about not being able to meet men to date. They did not want to go to the bars, thank God, but were not meeting anyone suitable in their daily lives. I said without really thinking “you could meet someone anywhere. You could meet someone at Wal-Mart.” They both just gave me one of those glassy eyed looks that every mom knows too well. Two weeks later, Liz called me and told me she had a date with someone she had met at Wal-Mart. I think this was prophecy. God already knew what was going to happen.

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