Lisa’s Graduation – the youngest leaving the nest

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If you have been following this blog, until now you have heard mainly my voice. While occasionally you have heard from my wife Crystal, you might not have realized that she is very dynamic and an excellent writer (probably better that me). I hope this post is the first of many for her.

     On May 13, 1991 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who we named Lisa.  On May 11, 2013 Lisa graduated from WilmingtonCollege, Cum Laude with a major in Business Marketing.  It is hard to believe that our youngest daughter is now a college graduate.  We are proud, but also sad. 

            When I became pregnant with Lisa in Greensburg, Indiana it was somewhat of a miracle.  I had had problems getting pregnant with our first daughter, had problems delivering our second daughter, I miscarried when we lived in Michigan, and I had medical problems too.  The chances of me getting pregnant and carrying a baby to term were very slim, but God can do anything.  After I miscarried in Michigan, I prayed and asked God if I would ever have another child.  He told me that I would have a successful pregnancy, but not in Michigan. We didn’t even know where we were moving to after Michigan until the summer before we moved. 

            In our lives God has worked in mysterious ways.  I saw Lisa in dreams during the pregnancy and she was this happy blonde blue eyed little girl. This was very important because of the miscarriage.   God told me that He was sending her into the world to make it a happier place.  He told me we could nickname her “sunny” because that is what her personality would be like.  This came true and in Greensburg. Lisa was known as a very happy baby and then a very happy little girl.

            Now she is a very pretty young woman who is very helpful and caring of her family and friends.  She is diligently looking for a job and hopefully will start her career soon.  Meanwhile she lives at home and we spend time together talking, shopping, and watching TV shows and movies that we both like.  She likes cats and her cat, Seal, is the only one we have left in the house.  I want her to move forward, but I also know I will miss her when she leaves for her own place. I still miss both of her sisters.

            This year her birthday came right after Mother’s Day and two days after her graduation.  I had her the day after Mother’s Day so it brings back those memories.  I had a C-section and Ron was in the room with me during the surgery.  Afterward he stood in my room rocking Lisa talking to her godfather, Ken Wells.  They passed her back and forth and for me it was such a wonderful memory. Of my three daughters she was the “mama’s” girl, my girl, whereas the other two were more “Daddy’s” girls.  I felt sometimes when I held her as a baby that she wanted to climb back into me.  Cherish the moments you have with your children.  They grow up so fast. They also make you proud.


Lisa and Crystal at Wilmington College 2012

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