“Lady in Red” by Crystal

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Red is one of the most popular colors of the Christmas season. The color red reminds me of my mom. She loved the color red.  In her wardrobe, she had solid red clothes and red prints.  I like to wear bright colors including red.  Lately, I have added more red clothing to my wardrobe.  I am doing what many women do. I am reorganizing my closet, getting rid of clothes that are out of style, worn out, or that don’t fit.  It is a process and can be emotional at times.  I associate some of my blouses, skirts, dresses, etc. with memories of the occasions when I wore them.  I am realizing, however, that I can remember those occasions without still owning the clothes.  Also, my shape has changed over time and I can’t wear some of the outfits I really like anymore.  So it is a letting go process I have to do in order to bring some organization to my closet.

The newest dresses and tops that I recently have been buying for several months fit me well and reflect my personality.  I have three blouses with fall colors that I like very much.  I have two red dresses and several red blouses that are fashionable and look good on me.

I am currently trying to place outfits together in the closet so it will be easier to just take them and put them on especially for church activities, Christmas gatherings, and going out with Ron.  I usually dress nicely when we visit Ron’s Dad in Columbus, wearing a classy dress or blouse and skirt and my high heels.  Ron and his Dad like it when I dress up to go out with them.  They say it makes them look classier.

My mom always wore classy clothes when she went anywhere.  I must have inherited this habit from watching her as a child and as an adult.  What seems like a short time ago, my girls would watch me get dressed, and apply make up to go out on a date with their Daddy.  They liked to look into the closet and take out my high heels to see which ones I would wear.  They knew if I wore the red high heels that it was a special date.

When Michelle was little she would smile and say “You look beautiful, Mom”.  Elizabeth would tell Daddy that, Mommy is wearing her special red shoes and pretty dress so he would get the hint to say something nice. Men need a little help sometimes.

With all the activities involved in getting ready for Christmas, I have found that having my outfits clean and organized helps to reduce the stress.  Ron and I have a tradition to have a date in December before Christmas just to relax and enjoy each other.  This year we stayed at a bed and breakfast in Waynesville, Ohio and attended a dinner theatre.  One actor performed “A Christmas Carol” with the help of the audience.  This was an early Christmas present for me.  Other years we have just gone out for dinner or to see a funny movie or even just for a walk in the park and get coffee and dessert at our favorite diner.  It also helps us to remember when it was just the two of us early in our marriage before we had a lot of responsibility.  It is good to look back, smile, and hold hands.  As my grandmother use to say, “Love is grand.”


Michelle, Granddaughter Aylla and me. Look who’s wearing red!

Crystal in her new red dress on vacation last summer

Our annual Cookie bake 2017


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