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We finally believe we have a publisher for our memoir. After about six years of research, query letters, rewrites, rejections, and most importantly persistence, we found someone who is (as they said) “definitely interested” in publishing our memoir. Torch Flame Books is a small hybrid publisher out of Durham, North Carolina. While we don’t have a contract yet, we are in the process of working with a professional editor to revise our work into publishable form. While the process will be time consuming, and costly, we are confident that the final product will be well written, edited and produced.

Marketing and Platform building will be another hurdle. Crystal and I are on a mission. I felt that God directed us in the writing and now in the publication. We believe that these stories of our parents’ lives, our childhoods, and our three love stories will be found compelling for many.

This will be a long process, but we will keep you informed. I understand that upon publication there will be a launch party. I don’t know what that will entail, but I love parties.

One thing you can do to help is to subscribe for our E-mail. On the bottom right side of the home page you will find a place to put your name and email. This is completely privacy protected and safe. It will simply make it easier to keep track of our site and receive newsletters when we publish them. It will help us keep track of subscribers and build a following prior to publication.

Crystal’s Corner

Yeah!   We are getting much closer to publication.  The last few months have been very encouraging and we are definitely on our way to holding a copy of “150 Years of Marriage” in our hands.

We want to thank everyone who has encouraged us and supported us in our mission to get this book published; also, everyone who has shown an interest in the memoir.  We will be telling you about the steps we are going through to get to the finish line.

I have learned a great deal through The National Association of Memoir Writers, and Writer’s Digest and Poets and Writers magazines and websites.  I have also read many memoirs and biographies and autobiographies.  We have an Author Facebook page under our names; Crystal and Ron Meinstein.  So be looking for more posts and activity in the near future.

Whatever your goal is, persistence and research pay off.  Don’t give up.

All of the main characters of our memoir some 40 years ago.

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