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The book is real. It occurred to me the other day that, Crystal and I have been actively working on this project for almost twenty years now. Before that, as a matter of fact, we talked about the possibility of a book since before we were married (over forty years).

            Today, after finishing the editing, and seeing the cover, it seems very much like a dream come true. But more then that, we realize that we are entering a new phase. Up until now, everything has been geared to developing the best product possible. We interviewed all of our parents while they were with us. By the way, they were very glad we were doing this. We did all of the research. Without the research into details, this might just be a bunch of family stories, and not the substantial historical record we believe it to be.

We wrote, and rewrote every section numerous times. Then we hired the best editor (Susan Bryant), and rewrote some more. Finally, we found who we believe to be, the perfect publishing company (Light Messages Publishing). They believe in our book as much as we do. They have also agreed be with us for years to come.

Finally, as we look forward a final review and a publication date (currently some time in January 2021), it is time to focus on marketing.

First, we wish to thank all of you who faithfully follow us on this site. We hope you have enjoyed, and been enriched in sharing our lives, thoughts, and beliefs. We know how difficult it can be these days to find good, clean, family-oriented reading material.

That is all for now, except for a preview of our cover. So you can appreciate it as much as we do here are a few details. The wedding pictures, of course are from our three weddings. The medals were earned by my dad in WW2. The letters were sent during the war between Crystal’s parents from the Philippines and Kenosha Wisconsin. Those letters are how they fell in love. On the lower right is dad’s soccer team in Germany, and that’s me as a one year old, on the motor cycle with my grandparents in Germany.

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