It Takes Work

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Welcome back. I thought I would start today with a little information about our publishing efforts. Back in 2001 Crystal attended a writer’s conference in Columbus, Ohio. She met and spoke with one of the speakers who was an agent from “Writer’s House”. Crystal was very impressed. She felt strongly that that would be a great place to start. She even told me that she felt that maybe God was leading us in that direction. We are Christians, and believe that while much of life is random and dominated by our choices, occasionally, for those who listen, God may whisper in our ears. Well so far randomness seems to be winning out. We have written two separate queries and the agency has shown little interest. Crystal however, insisted on giving this agency one final opportunity for the correct decision. They are apparently very busy and the person she met has not even been given an opportunity to personally reject our proposal. She started the E-mail query, addressed to his assistant, with “Are you sure?” Bold right? Well not really. We are extremely confident in this project. It is unique, thought provoking, full of humor, and many relatable anecdotes. It is six separate stories spanning at least four generations. It has three separate and enduring love stories. If nothing else, I believe that, anyone who reads this book will want to know more about their own parents and grand parents.

As a scientist I believe in entropy. The second law of thermodynamics simply states that everything tends toward randomness. Marriage and relationships are no exception. They take a constant input of energy to maintain. That may be the most critical thing for people contemplating marriage to realize. It is also where the next installment to this blog will start.

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