Does Marriage Even Make Sense?

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Marriage is not a natural state. In the animal kingdom there are few examples of animals which mate for life. Are animals smarter than us? When you think about it, for a marriage to be totally successful it must end in death. Where is the motivation? Like I said previously it takes a constant input of energy to make a marriage work. Who needs that kind of commitment? Once you are married you are no longer free to do what you want when you want. Why give up your freedom for what some would call a life sentence? Those are good thoughts to consider before abandoning all hope and taking the plunge.

Crystal and I have been married for over thirty four years. In addition, and more unusual, that is thirty-four, with few exceptions, happy years. I can honestly say my life would not have been as good without her. We were lucky to find each other. However, I believe there is more involved here than luck. That is part of my motivation for putting this out over the big bad internet, where it is subject to criticism and ridicule. I want to use whatever small amount of knowledge and wisdom, with which God may have blessed Crystal and me, to help others.

In our book only one out of the twenty-nine chapters, the last one, was dedicated specifically to the topic of why marriages work (or don’t). There should probably be an entire library on the subject. This blog will have to suffice for now.

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