Crystal’s Corner: Teenagers are Confusing

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This is Crystal’s perspective about what I discussed last week. The subject of raising teenagers definitely deserves more discussion, and possibly a book or two.

We lived in Indiana for ten years. We had to move because of Ron’s job opportunities.  It is hard to move girls especially teenagers.  Our oldest girl was really determined not to move.  So when we went on this trip in Ohio where Ron was interviewing for jobs, we stayed at a really nice cabin on a lake.  The other girls were thrilled, but our oldest girl was grumpy.  Not only did she not want to be there, she didn’t want to do activities with us.  On the day we rented an expensive motor boat, she was in her room groaning.  I had to coax her out to get to come with us on the boat.  After we all jumped in the water from the boat and swam, she was very happy and enjoying herself.

Teenagers can seem like they want to withdraw from the family.  You get exasperated as a parent with them and their negative attitudes.  But really they still want to be part of the family.  My oldest girl would say she wasn’t going out to dinner with us if we were going to restaurants (that we have coupons for) that she didn’t like.  We would be on our way out the door and I would call upstairs: “See you later.  We’re going now.”  She would come running down the stairs and say, “I’m coming too.”

Overall I really believe that teenagers want to be included and know they have a place in your family that no one else can fill.  It certainly is confusing when you are parenting them, but also educational.  I have always learned from my girls whether it is about the music they listen to and new dance moves, their favorite TV shows, or opinions on what is going on in the world.


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