Candy from Mimi

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            For about the last week I’ve been battling a cold or maybe bronchitis. Crystal’s been spending most nights downstairs. She insists that my snoring keeps her awake. While I normally sleep like a baby, I totally believe her, since I my breathing has a little rattle during the day as well.  

            A couple of nights ago I woke up alone in my bed with a very scratchy throat. I couldn’t get back to sleep. I flipped on the light and began foraging for a cough lozenge on Crystal’s night stand. To my horror and dismay there was no lozenge to be found. As an afterthought I looked in my night stand. There it was, wrapped in its red spotted saran wrap covering. It was one of my mom’s hard strawberry candies. My kids know them. My grandkids know them. Whenever Mimi was around she would offer you a candy. As I sucked on the treat I thought about all of the times mom looked after my needs: all of the trips to the Doctor, her miraculous chicken soup, cool and hot rags as needed, and always perfect bedside manner. During my entire life she never stopped taking care of me. Every year at Christmas I could count on new socks and underwear.

            It’s now been a couple of years since Mimi’s left us. I am getting used to buying my own underwear and socks. As I suck on the candy I notice that it has indeed done the trick. My throat feels a little better and I can get back to sleep. I have no idea how one of her candies got into my drawer, except that somehow; she is still looking after me.


Crystal’s Corner: Chicken Soup

            Ron and I have both been blessed with moms who took care of us when we were sick.  My family seemed to get everything that was going around and illnesses of our own. My mom would make us tea, chicken noodle soup (usually from a can), pudding, Jell-O, etc.  But also she was very comforting and told us jokes to cheer us up.  My dad was also very caring and would go to the store if we needed something.

            Ron makes chicken soup from scratch when any one of us is sick. He even sends soup and other comfort foods to the girls when they are sick.  He will make potato soup for Michelle because that is her favorite.  My girls appreciate his cooking and some of my cooking more since they have lived away from home.  While in the past, they would complain about having to eat leftovers, now when they come over they ask me if we have any leftovers and would it be all right if they ate them.  Also, if they know that Ron is making something they really like they will call me and ask me to save some of it for them.

            Ron learned how to make French onion soup from a French chef in Chicago.  He made it for my parents and after that my mom told me “if he ever makes it again you better invite me over.”  She was always a big fan of his cooking.  My Dad loves to have us visit him; and usually Ron and I make a nice meal while we are there.  He always wants us to stay longer.  We leave him a plate for the next day which he appreciates.

            I think, in many ways, Ron and I were lucky because our moms did not work outside the home.  My mom started to teach quilting while I was in high school, but it was part time.  Some of her classes were in our kitchen so the quilting ladies became part of our lives too.   I stayed home most of the time with our children.  If I worked it was part time.  I think that they appreciate it now more than they did when they were growing up.  I was the mom at home and usually had their friends over as well, especially on snow days, or when their moms had to work.  I don’t know if it is the chicken soup that makes you well or the love of the person who makes you the soup; probably a little of both.


Winter 2013 030 - Copy - Copy

My footprints from a recent walk at Hilltop Golf Course

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