A Cat’s Life -by Ella Meinstein

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            Life is really simple, unless we choose to make it more complicated (and I don’t). I get up in the morning and dad (Ron) opens the door to my room. We take our shower together. I get my belly rubs and he gets all wet. I don’t understand why he needs all that water, but I think the steam is good for my sinuses. Then, once dad is dressed, I get my food. The rest of the day, I’m pretty much on my own. I always split my time snuggling with mom (Crystal), dad, and Lisa. Sometimes I will sit on the floor and stare them into playing with me.

            Sometimes I just like to explore the house, or play on my own. There are generally many things to play with. One fun game is stealing mom’s toys. She often sits on the couch surrounded by a lot of fun things. There are pins, and spools of thread, beads, and scissors, to name just a few. We play this game where I will watch her until she is distracted, or not paying attention, and I stealthily swoop in and grab my new toy. If she sees me, she will join in the game. She yells and chases me, to try and get the toy back. It’s loads of fun.

            My other favorite pastime is sunbathing. On sunny days, I spend a good amount of time following the sun around the house. I have the pattern memorized. I know where the sun will be all throughout the day. I love the way it feels on my fur. I get all puffed up, and let the rays do their thing. Of course, periodically I take a break to see what my people are doing.

            Sometimes dad will take me outside for a few minutes. I like sniffing the air, walking around, chewing on a little grass, and listening to the outside world. The other day dad opened the door, and a cold breeze hit my face. I’m not much for the cold. I gave him my, you’ve got to be kidding me, looks. Seriously, sometimes I just don’t get what he is thinking. I rubbed his leg and headed back to my sun therapy.

            At the end of the day, when it’s dark, I will generally go upstairs, where dad is watching TV. I sit on his lap. After a while he will carry me downstairs. After a quick pet from mom, he takes me to my room and closes the door. I really like my room. My food, my litter, and my bed are there.

            Life is good. Mom, dad and Lisa are usually happy too. However, sometimes they seem stressed or unhappy. I try to comfort them. I think they just worry about silly things. I try to tell them, the key to happiness is just enjoying what you have each moment, and not worrying about the small stuff. Also, and this is important. Spend as much time as possible lying in the sun, and relaxing each day. Boy, they could learn a lot from me.

Ahh Lisa’s Bed
I find boxes surprisingly comfortable.
I think late afternoon sun is the best!

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